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试卷 > 小学 > 三年级 > 英语 > 期末 > 2020年上海牛津版小学三年级英语上册期末考试试卷及答案



1.—Do you like monkeys?

—Yes, I    .

A. am

B. do

C. can

2.找出与其它不属于同类的词(   )      

A. kite

B. ball

C. football

D. go

3.选出下列单词中不同类的单词(   )      

A. driver

B. teach

C. dentist

4.My father is a policeman. He ________ to work at seven o’clock.

A. go

B. goes

C. going

5.We can sing and dance in this class.      

A. maths

B. music

C. science

6.The ping pong ball is ________. The basketball is________.      

A. heavy; light

B. light; heavy

C. long; short

7.—Does he have big eyes?  


A. No, he does

B. Yes, he does

C. Yes, he doesn’t

8.Nice _____________ see you again.      

A. in

B. on

C. to

9.What can you do there?      

A. I can go boating there.

B. I can go there by bus.


A. Are you Eve?

B. I am Eve.

11.—What did you like doing when you were young?  

— __________.

A. I liked watching cartoons

B. I like playing football

C. I like the quiet country

12.—___________ in your bedroom?  

—A bed, a desk and a chair.

A. What

B. Where is

C. What’s


A. boil

B. pour

C. hot


A. This is my father.

B. This is your brother.

C. This is my brother.

15.There are     months in a year.      

A. 4

B. 7

C. 12

16.I think Danny needs ________ more vegetables.      

A. eat

B. to eat

C. eats

17.You ___________ six.           

A. am

B. are

C. is




23.Look at ________ (we/ our) T-shirt. They’re nice.  

24.________ likes noodles. ________ favourite food is noodles. ( She/ Her)  

25.The fish has ________(no/ two) legs or arms.  

26.My music teacher is 56. He isn’t ________ (old/ young).


—Touch this. Is it ________(hard/soft)?





30.did   you   where  on   go   your  holiday(?)  

31.is, she, nurse, a(.)  

32.I apples  have  and  biscuits  some  (.)  



A.It’s so big!

B.It’s on the first floor.

C.No,it isn’t.


E.Yes,we do.

(1)—Is this your classroom?


(2)—Do you have a library?


(3)—Where is the computer room?


(4)—This is our school.


(5)—How many girls are there in your class?



34.These are Jimmy’s toys. (对划线部分提问)  

35.I can draw a river .(改为一般疑问句)

36.Tom’s birthday is on 1st January.(对划线部分提问)  

37.Is this your new schoolbag? (改为肯定句)

________is ________new schoolbag.

38.My mother is a worker. (就划线部分提问)  

________ ________ ________ mother ________?



  The Mid-autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. It is usually in September or October. And it is on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. On this day, people usually have a happy get-together with their family. They eat mooncakes and a lot of other delicious food. The mooncakes look like the round moon. It means 'get-together'. At night, people usually watch the bright moon with their family and friends. And the children usually light the colourful and beautiful lanterns. All the children like them very much. They all have fun.

(1)The Mid-autumn Festival is an i________ festival in China.  

(2)The Mid-autumn Festival is on the f________ day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.  

(3)People eat m________ and lots of other delicious food at the Mid-autumn Festival.  

(4)The mooncakes look like the m________.  

(5)The lanterns are colourful and b________.  



    Last Saturday Grandpa took Charlie to the park with his new bike.The weather was fine and they were surprised (惊讶的)that no children were riding bikes.Charlie rode his bike happily and Grandpa read his newspaper under a big tree.Then a man in uniform(制服)came up to Charlie.'Can’t you see the sign?'he asked.'You shouldn’t ride your bike here.'


  Grandpa and Charlie looked at the sign.It said 'No bicycles'.They didn’t see the sign because there was a coat over it.A man left his coat there.But then he took it away and left the sign clear.'We are really sorry,' said Grandpa and Charlie.'Huh, 'said the park keeper.'You should learn to read.'

(1)When Grandpa took Charlie to the park,Charlie  .   

A. read the newspaper

B. rode a bike

C. learned to ride a bike

(2)The mail in uniform was a   .         

A. fireman

B. policeman

C. park keeper

(3)Charlie didn’t see the sign because   .         

A. he couldn’t read

B. there was a coat over it

C. there wasn’t a sign

(4)The sign meant(意思是)     .         

A. you shouldn’t ride a bike in the park

B. you shouldn’t read newspapers in the park

C. you shouldn’t park a bike in the park



1. B   2. D   3. B   4. B   5. B   6. B   7. B   8. C   9. A  

10. A  11. A   12. C   13. C   14. C   15. C   16. B   17. B 


18. spoke;little

19. 2020年上海牛津版小学三年级英语上册期末考试试卷及答案

20. p 

21. ducks

22. do;on;foot   


23. our   24. She;Her   25. no   26. young   27. soft   


28. I am heavier than you.   

29. How is the weather in December?   

30. Where did you go on your holiday?   

31. She is a nurse.   

32. I have some apples and biscuits.   


33. (1)C(2)E(3)B(4)A(5)D


34. Whose toys are these?   

35. Can you draw a river?

36. When is Tom’s birthday?   

37. This;my   

38. What;does;your;do   


39. (1)important(2)fifteenth(3)mooncakes(4)moon(5)beautiful   

40. (1)B(2)C(3)B(4)A   

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